Where can I find a reliable cigar vendor online ?

Like you, I too have encountered this problem when buying things on the internet. It is very easy today to find an online store offering cigars at rock-bottom prices, but what do we know about them? Are they trustworthy? Personally, I have tested a few and I would like to share with you the experience I have gained and the good deals I’ve managed to find.

These stores are discount-driven and target a specific category of customers looking for money off that they would have trouble finding in their local tobacconists.

But what exactly is the situation? Can we obtain quality when we buy our cigars and at the same time pay the best price? It is difficult to find your way round dozens of sites that promise the earth, with no guarantee of the provenance or traceability of their cigars. Very few mention this information which is, to my mind, essential: what would be the point in buying a box of BHK56 Cohiba with 40% off if the cigars are doubtful or even completely fake? Even with 40% off, it is still a very expensive fake cigar, don’t you think? Like many of you, I once ordered cigars on the web, but there is strangely always an element of doubt! What exactly am I smoking? With experience, I am able, or at least I hope I am, to detect certain subtleties of taste that confirm or refute my convictions! I think of the amateur, the total beginner who wishes to taste and improve their knowledge by tasting like everyone else an excellent product but without breaking the bank, and I admit that it is far from simple in the jungle of the discount cigar. But sometimes it can be done!

My advice is to avoid the stores that do not communicate and never answer your emails when the questions start to become awkward! The most reliable will answer your questions quickly and put your mind at rest. For example, they could provide you on request with the Habanos code on the stamp of the box you are interested in, so that you can check their authenticity on the “Habanos Verify” link. You must therefore be very careful, and not be tempted by purchases of the type “box of Esplendidos for €80” or “one box free for every box purchased”!

One website I can personally recommend, for I happen to know the manager, who is at once both a true cigar lover and a businessman, is CASA DEL PURO. One day our paths crossed by chance, and we talked for a long time about cigars, fervently as always.  And naturally we touched on the subject of the blog “Les cigares selon Edmond” and my determination to one day offer my readers a really good deal in cigars, which I have now done!  Together, we were able to negotiate a considerable additional discount (10%), on all CASA DEL PURO products; the principle is very simple, when placing your order, add the promotion code from the blog: IF48


order cigar, commande cigare, achat cigare, cigare discount quality

order cigar, commande cigare, achat cigare, cigare discount quality

Shop Casa del Puro.

For information and verification, all the Cuban cigars on this site come exclusively from the official Swiss importer (Intertabak), which represents a real guarantee of quality. In addition, each box is stamped with an extra logo, as shown below.  All orders are shipped within 48 hours to anywhere in the world. What else can we say ?


order cigar, commande cigare, achat cigare, cigare discount quality

 Logo on the back.

Maybe there’s one thing – don’t ignore your local tobacconist, that is, if the service and advice are up to scratch, of course.